WGM Executives to Present in Beijing and Toronto

Executives of Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited (“WGM”) will be presenting back to back seminar’s in this falls line-up of international mining conferences. On September 12th, Mr. Joe Hinzer, WGM President, will be presenting a paper at the China Gold Congress and Forum to be held in Beijing, China. Titled “Understanding and Managing Geological Risk”, Mr. Hinzer’s presentation will explore the inherent uncertainties of defining and quantifying economic gold mineralization.

“Mining is an inherently risky business, made all the riskier by the relative unknowns surrounding the definition of the mineral asset,” comments Mr. Hinzer, adding, “A prudent approach to understanding and mitigating geological risk is one that takes a dynamic view to defining the geological model. It is never static – constantly evolving based on newer information and insights throughout the mining life cycle.”

Additional details of Mr. Hinzer’s talk can be found at http://www.china-gold.org/en/.

On October 29th, Mr. Michael Kociumbas, WGM Vice President and Senior Iron Ore Expert, will be presenting his paper at the 4th Annual World Iron Ore & Steel Forum in Toronto, Canada. Titled “The Use and Abuse of Standards and Blanks – Their Role in Proper QA/QC”, Mr. Kociumbas’ paper will review the benefits of diligent quality control sampling, and expose the potential risks at the field and laboratory stages of quality control. Details of the event can be found online at http://www.worldironoreforum.com/.

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