Joe Hinzer to Present at 2015 CIM Convention

news_spaceminingWGM President, Joe Hinzer, P.Geo., will be presenting at the sixth annual Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium held in conjunction with this year’s CIM Convention in Montreal, Canada, May 10-13, 2015.

Mr. Hinzer’s presentation titled “Extraterrestrial Claims” takes a pragmatic view of the logistical and administrative challenges – and possible solutions – to extraterrestrial mineral development and extraction.

“With the first manned mission to Mars only a few years away, sights are now set on developing the natural resources of extraterrestrial bodies, including asteroids, as a cost effective and practical alternative for a self-sustaining operation”, explains Mr. Hinzer. “Entrepreneurial thinkers are looking to these objects as potential sources for water, oxygen, metals and other elements necessary to sustain life off this planet.”

Mr. Hinzer’s presentation will highlight the challenges to establishing a globally accepted system to record and manage rights to these resources, and will cite examples from around the world on how best to address these concerns.

“By being pre-emptive and starting the dialogue now, we hope to learn how these processes can be adapted to extraterrestrial bodies in light of modern and rapidly evolving technologies.”

The presentation will held the morning of Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Details of the presentation and the annual convention can be found on the CIM website.

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