Joe Hinzer to Present at China Gold Congress

WGM President, Joe Hinzer, P.Geo., will be presenting at the second annual China Gold Congress and Expo held in Beijing, China, from July 26 to 28, 2016. Mr. Hinzer’s presentation titled “A Roadmap to Successful Mining Project Exploration and Development” highlights the key steps to successful project acquisition, exploration, development and/or exploitation.

“Recent global events and market forces have shown the fragile nature of mining and related industries,” comments Mr. Hinzer, continuing “The commodity prices collapse and global slowdown triggered failures and/or significant market value losses for many mining and related companies. Many investors have exited from the mining industry and departed almost completely from higher risk exploration.”

Mr. Hinzer’s presentation will highlight the common approaches for winning support and trust from all levels of government and society, the application of exploration development and mining best practices/ assuring data quality / sustainability / and above all / experienced innovative and progressive management from field workers to corporate board members

“Recovery from this latest down turn will need a new approach. To succeed, companies will need to transition from a purely profit driven to a benefit driven model in order to address the significant rise in demands from social activism, as well as increasing government conditions in order to restore confidence in the investment community. The worldwide recognized, tools, practices and operating procedures developed and being implemented by the Canadian exploration and mining industry, provide an excellent platform for success.”

The presentation will be held during the session titled “Mining Excellence from Canada”, on Thursday, July 28. Details of the presentation and the annual congress can be found on the China Gold Congress website.

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