Geological & Mining Consultants since 1962

Exploration services

We offer some of the highest level of expertise in our field, and use the most advanced computer modelling systems on the market, including Datamine, Studio RM, Isatis, GSLib, Geovia GEMS 3D geological and mine planning software, Whittle open pit mine optimization software, MapInfo GIS software, AutoCAD and more.

Plus, we have the in-house expertise to help you develop the mining and processing concepts enabling you to convert your Mineral Resources to Reserves, and can provide the economic analyses to demonstrate that your reserves can be mined and processed at a profit.

For over 60 years, exploration and mining companies alike have been trusting WGM geological consultants to deliver best-in-class exploration services for their mineral assets. Our clients take comfort in knowing that each and every project is handled by experts in their specific fields, whether it's project management of an iron ore drill program or resource estimation of a uranium deposit.

Around the globe, WGM's proficiency in turnkey exploration management services and its technical expertise have contributed to the company's worldwide reputation for excellence and cost-effective project execution. WGM's geological consultants have the demonstrated ability to integrate and organize all of the technical and development aspects of a project to meet the client's objectives

How we do it

At all stages of exploration, we emphasize the importance of geological understanding and interpretation to maximize the effectiveness of your exploration dollars. You can depend on our worldwide operational experience to develop the technical parameters for your exploration program.

Property Evaluations

Knowing when to pursue a project takes determination and effective due diligence – knowing when to walk away often takes much more. Our geological and mining consultants work within the framework of your organization's business strategy (i.e. risk aversion vs. tolerance) to realize the true potential of your properties. WGM has helped countless organizations mitigate the inherent risks in developing their mineral assets through a step-by-step, systematic approach to evaluating their mineral potential, and by laying out the framework for future exploration.

Resource Estimations and Audits

Our mineral resource estimation consultants have amassed decades of experience in virtually all known deposit types, and include two of Geovia's former most Senior Business Analysts, along with experts in geostatistics and geological modelling. Clients often request technical audits to ensure that resource estimates and reserve estimates have been estimated according to standard mining industry practice (NI 43-101, JORC) or to obtain an independent assessment of their estimates for third parties, or for regulatory filing requirements.

Turnkey Exploration Project Management

WGM has been successfully running exploration programs for junior exploration and mining companies around the globe for the past 60 years. Our turnkey exploration management services includes staffing, camp logistics and setup, data compilation, target selection, surface and underground exploration, geological, geophysical and geochemical survey, drilling, mineral resource and reserve estimates and preliminary feasibility studies.

CAD Services

Despite the many advances in exploration technology, much of the industry's collective knowledge is still locked away in historical hardcopy – hundreds of thousands of maps, drill logs, and technical reports degrading over each passing day. WGM's in-house CAD team can assist your group in unlocking that knowledge base to help realize your asset's true potential. Using our state of the art in-house large format scanners, we can digitize and georeference all hardcopy drawings into true three-dimensional shape files for your permanent digital archives.

Remote Sensing and GIS

Today's satellite imagery can provide base maps for exploration programs where accurate topographic maps are not available, and can also assist in identifying geological structures, lithologies and alteration depending on terrain and vegetation cover. SAR (radar) sensors penetrate cloud, dry snow and provide a shaded relief effect which enhances subtle geological features

Regional and Site Exploration Programs

WGM has carried out innumerable regional and site specific exploration programs. These programs involve detailed field investigation of mineral deposits and geological mapping to industry and government standards.

Database Management

WGM has extensive experience setting up, validating and maintaining databases. Effective database design organizes information so that it may be analyzed as a whole, or divided into discrete layers or parts at will - in order to assess a larger picture or target specific items of interest.

We build databases specialized to the particular needs of project or operations in the mineral resources fields. We verify, compile and manage large quantities of existing data into a highly useful database format.

Our database management experience covers assessment records, filing records for government, regulatory filings, and validation of data as a form of due diligence.

NI 43-101 and JORC Regulatory Compliance

WGM is qualified to make disclosure for its clients which comply with regulatory standards such as National Instrument 43- 101, JORC or others, in regard to the mineral and mining projects it works on. The Canadian Securities Administrators and the Australasian Joint Ore Reserves Committee have each developed rules which governs how issuers can disclose scientific and technical information about mineral projects to the public. WGM professionals have been instrumental in the development of international mining policies (e.g. NI 43-101, CIMVal). Our professionals are frequent speakers in the professional community, and are industry experts in all areas of mining policy, laws, and business strategies.

Mineral Resource and Reserve Estimates

Many clients request technical audits to ensure that Mineral Resources and Reserves have been estimated according to standard mining industry practice or to obtain an independent assessment of their estimates for internal purposes or for third parties, such as financial institutions or other interested mining companies.

WGM can work with the client from the initial stages of an exploration program and will tailor the database and future program to meet their requirements.

We also have the ability to import pre-existing databases and models in order to complete the task at hand and can return the finished product in a suitable format to the client.

WGM use state of art software including Datamine, Studio RM, Isatis, GSLib, Gemcom's GEMS geology and mine planning software, as well as Whittle open pit optimization software.

Project Management

WGM has been retained by many firms to design and implement exploration projects in its 60 year career. Project management can and has included data compilation, target selection, surface and underground exploration, geological, geophysical and geochemical survey, drilling, preliminary feasibility studies and, of course, project monitoring.