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Space mining & ISRU services

For decades, WGM has been an active member of the in-situ resource utilization(“ISRU”) or space mining community representing the views and interests of the global mining community to government's space agencies, private companies and academic groups.

Our experts in planetary geology, geophysics and engineering along with our network of relationships with technology providers, empower us with a deep understanding of the scientific and technical challenges of operating in space. Terrestrial mining operations and methods cannot easily be transferred to an operating environment with low gravity, intense radiation, high thermal flux, no atmosphere, and a highly abrasive, dusty environment. Expertise and knowledge of these hazards is critical in designing and executing exploration, development, and operational plans for any space mining venture.

WGM has been a founding contributor and member of the Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium (LSIC) located at the Applied Physics Laboratory of John Hopkin's University in Maryland, USA. LSIC advises the US Government on lunar surface issues and WGM sits on the ISRU, Dust Mitigation and Excavation and Construction sub-committees.

Since 2022, WGM has partnered with Lunar Station Corp. of Cambridge, Massachusetts (MIT) to develop the Mound Hound system which is focused at providing detailed, usable intelligence and planning via a Machine Learning system. Mound Hound applies WGM's theoretical work on prospecting and exploration for the lunar surface to a data fused interface which allows mission planners to de-risk projects and maximize success rates at finding resources.

WGM engages, advises, and advocates in multiple forums with legal, environmental, government and supra-national agencies on drafting global treaties, policies methodologies and actions that will support and aid in the peaceful commercial development of space.

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1 WGM WWG 2 ESA/ATG medialab; Comet image: ESA/Rosetta/Navcam 3 WGM WWG 4 SEN / Ben Gilliland

WGM Water Works - Lunar Exploration Planning Group (WWG)

WGM has assembled a ground breaking research and development group, the Water Works Group (“WWG”). This group is comprised of planetary geologists, geophysicists, geomatics experts and sedimentologists whom work to develop cutting edge Lunar water and volatile depositional models along with unique prospecting and exploration methods which allow for orbital and surface detection of water and volatile resources.

Production Planning and Optimization

Our team of professionals can bring WGM's trusted expertise in terrestrial exploration and mining environments, to assist in designing and costing production planning for off-world settings. Mining in space must accommodate low-gravity, lack of atmosphere, dust, radiation, and extreme thermal flux. WGM can de-risk your project by both designing and advising on all aspects of your production planning to maximize your success.

Advisory and Regulatory Advice

WGM has actively participated in the development of current global technical standards and regulatory governance for the exploration and mining industry. Our experts remain at the forefront of advising governments, supra-national agencies, space agencies, and academics in steering the development of framework agreements for International space exploration and mining. When contemplating your project, seek advice from the trusted professionals at

Mound hound Partnership with Lunar Station Corp

Beginning in 2022, Lunar Station Corporation (“LSC”) and Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd. (“WGM”) joined forces to co-develop a new premium offering delivered through LSC's powerful data analytics platform, MoonHacker™. The The Mound Hound system allows users to de-risked mission planning by the use of predictive analytical modeling of the location of both lunar water and volatile deposits in a user-friendly interface. WGM is the exclusive agent of LSC products in Canada. For more information visit:


WGM's team of exploration geologists, geophysicists, and geomatics experts and our network of multiple hardware, service and launch providers can assist with the development of cost effective and impactful off-world exploration programs.