WGM Featured in Northern Miner article “The Next Frontier: Prospecting & Mining on the Moon” post PDAC 2020 Conference

March 19,2020 – Today the Northern Miner published an article entitled “The Next Frontier: Prospecting and Mining on the Moon” available at https://www.northernminer.com/news/the-next-frontier-prospecting-mining-on-the-moon/1003815027/ . The article follows the standing room only technical session on Moon mining at this year’s 2020 PDAC conference. WGM Vice-President Jeff Plate and his August 2019 Conceptual Lunar Water Mining Study are quoted in describing the commercial viability of water mining on the Moon.

Also in the article is a description of Interstellar Mining Inc. (www.interstellarmining.ca ) plan to operate the first lunar water mine by 2025. WGM is part owner of Interstellar Mining Inc., recognizing the tremendous commercial potential of the opportunity. In addition, WGM also provides consulting services to a wide variety of interested parties via our Space Mining and ISRU service offerings.

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