Announcing the Strategic Partnership of Lunar Station and WGM to develop new predictive analytical solutions for supporting Lunar Operations.

Announcing the Strategic Partnership of Lunar Station and WGM to develop new predictive analytical solutions for supporting Lunar Operations.

Cambridge, MA, USA – Lunar Station Corporation (“LSC”) and Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd. (“WGM”) are joining forces to co-develop a new premium offering delivered through LSC’s powerful data analytics platform, MoonHacker™. The Premium offering will allow de-risked mission planning by introducing a multi-disciplinary approach, resulting in significant enhancements to the predictive analytical modeling of the location of both lunar water and volatile deposits. These deposits will define the Lunar economy in the near future.

Lunar Station has years of experience providing secure, cutting-edge Lunar Intelligence tailored to the unique requirements of Commercial and Government Agencies.

“Anyone can get public access to available orbital data sets; however, converting it to useable intelligence in a user-friendly interface is another thing all together”, explains Jeff Plate, Vice-President WGM.
“We’ve been told by global mission planners that there’s a critical gap in understanding exactly where lunar operations will occur.” says Blair DeWitt, CEO Lunar Station Corp, he continues “We are thrilled to announce today that our strategic relationship with WGM to develop new predictive analytical solutions for supporting lunar operations closes this gap for our clients in a way that is truly special.”

WGM has over 60 years experience in global prospecting, exploration, and mining supplemented with 20 years of experience in space mining/in-situ resource utilization. Via its Water Works think-tank, WGM has developed ground-breaking theoretical lunar water and volatile depositional models which incorporate sedimentary geological processes, geomorphology, geochemistry, geophysics, and physical chemistry & physics. The models, backed up by orbital and ground observations, form the backbone of the new offering. “Combining WGM’s deep understanding of lunar geology with their extensive experience in terrestrial mineral exploration with LSC’s expertise and depth in lunar data analytics creates powerful synergies in predictive technologies”, added Blair DeWitt, CEO Lunar Station.

By summer, LSC will be launching its Premium MoonHacker™ offering which will allow any firm looking to plan surface missions to the Moon to de-risk by applying Premium MoonHacker™’s powerful insights to identify the best place to find resources, plan landings, build, and conduct operations. For updates, follow Lunar Station on LinkedIn or via our website at

About WGM
WGM is Canada’s longest running independent firm of geological and mining consultants. Since 1962, WGM has provided value-added professional services of the highest standards to the international mining community by completing projects in over 120 countries. The professional experience of the firm covers every aspect of the mining industry from grass-roots exploration (design, management and implementation) through to mine closure. Our expertise in technical due diligence reviews, NI 43 101 and JORC technical reports, Mineral Resource/Reserve estimates and audits, exploration project management, sampling, QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control), property valuations, marketing of ores and concentrates, mine planning (including processing and recovery options), engineering and metallurgical investigations have each contributed to WGM’s worldwide reputation of excellence. These studies have been carried out for governments, banks, mining companies, indigenous companies, law firms and financial organizations. Since 2019, WGM has assembled a ground-breaking research and development group, the Water Works Group (“WWG”). This group is comprised of planetary geologists, geophysicists, geomatics experts and sedimentologists whom work to develop cutting edge Lunar water and volatile depositional models along with unique prospecting and exploration methods which allow for orbital and surface detection of water and volatile resources. A great deal more information on WGM’s services and experience are found on our website at

About Lunar Station
Lunar Station provides clear answers to complex questions about the Lunar environment related to mission designing, operational preparedness, and situational awareness. Their clients experience the most comprehensive suite of new Lunar intelligence by accessing through the internet the MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform. Organizations, public and private, have the easiest, most advanced, and scalable access to the best insights about the Moon than has ever been. For remote sensor teams targeting the Moon, the MoonHacker™ Partner Program allows you to easily distribute your data to our global audience. Since 2016, Lunar Station Corporation (an MIT Start-up) has been creating and expanding their MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform in the offices located in Cambridge, MA.

About MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform
The MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive Lunar environmental intelligence by completely characterizing terrain, power, minerals, communications, weather and many more criteria for any location on the Lunar surface for any point in time. MoonHacker™ can also provide highly detailed pathing analyses for cross terrain navigation with route optimization for each type of transportation element a client will use on the Moon.