WGM Informs the Space Resources Community that the Water and Volatile Resources are on the Crater Walls at Luxembourg Space Week 2023

WGM Informs the Space Resources Community that the Water and Volatile Resources are on the Crater Walls at Luxembourg Space Week 2023

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg April 21, 2021 – WGM was proud to be asked by the organizers and sponsors of Luxembourg Space Resources Week to speak on the main stage about our ground breaking research on modelling where water and volatile deposits occur on the Lunar surface. WGM Vice-President, Jeff Plate (Pictured above) presented out findings at this major European Space Mining event.  “The location of water and volatile resources informs all mission planning on the lunar surface, and above, since identifying where the resources are will tell you where to built, plan missions, set up infrastructure, and provide orbital coverage for communications”, stated Jeff.  “One surprising findings from our Water Works research group is that the water and volatiles occur most probably on the crater walls, not the bottoms, of Permanently Shadowed Regions (“PSRs”).  

Sharing this finding is having major affects on mission planning through the World.  Thanks to the collaboration with Lunar Station Corp. (“LSC”) of Cambridge, MA, USA, we are able to provide effective mission planning via LSC’s MoundHound analytical visualization system.  WGM has created the algorithms for use in MoundHound which details in 3-D synthetic terrain maps, the most probable area of water and volatile deposition.  This invaluable tool allows lunar actors to easily engage in mission planning to exploit or build near resources.

About WGM 

WGM is Canada’s longest running independent firm of geological and mining consultants. Since 1962, WGM has provided value-added professional services of the highest standards to the international mining community by completing projects in over 120 countries.  The professional experience of the firm covers every aspect of the mining industry from grass-roots exploration (design, management and implementation) through to mine closure.  Our expertise in technical due diligence reviews, NI 43-101 and JORC technical reports, Mineral Resource/Reserve estimates and audits, exploration project management, sampling, QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control), property valuations, marketing of ores and concentrates, mine planning (including processing and recovery options), engineering and metallurgical investigations have each contributed to WGM’s worldwide reputation of excellence.  These studies have been carried out for governments, banks, mining companies, indigenous companies, law firms and financial organizations. Since 2019, WGM has assembled a ground-breaking research and development group, the Water Works Group (“WWG”).  This group is comprised of planetary geologists, geophysicists, geomatics experts and sedimentologists whom work to develop cutting edge Lunar water and volatile depositional models along with unique prospecting and exploration methods which allow for orbital and surface detection of water and volatile resources.  A great deal more information on WGM’s services and experience are found on our website at www.wgm.ca.

About LSC and MoonHacker™

Lunar Station provides client access to the most comprehensive suite of new and existing data refined into new Lunar insights by way of its MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform. Mining, Energy, Communications, Financial, Pharmaceutical and Logistics organizations have the easiest, advanced, and scalable access to the best insights about the Moon that has ever existed before. The MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive Lunar environmental intelligence by completely characterizing terrain, power, minerals, communications, weather and many more criteria for any location on the Lunar surface for any point in time. Created in 2016 on the campus of MIT, Lunar Station Corporation is based in Cambridge, MA.  For more information visit www.lunarstation.space